Goodbye Lithium

Hello Lamotrigine.


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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

16 thoughts on “Goodbye Lithium”

  1. Blahpolar! omg..WB..have been so worried…lamictal is great! So hoping this is better for you… doing happy dance just to hear from you…rest, drink, take it….love you….missed you…my grumpy wingman… be well my friend…-alex

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  2. I have missed you! Happy day, happy day to see you!!!! *twirling* keep us posted… personally, I’m thrilled to hear you’ve started something new! It’s a good one! Take care!

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  3. Oh hell. This is the part that makes you cry… trying to see what works. I was on Lamotrigine before Lithium. The side effect aren’t as brutal. I was on it for a few years. You will be fine my penguin friend. I know you’re white-knuckling holding on. Just a bit longer and you’ll feel the difference.

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  4. I hope this goes well for you. I have been on Lamictal for 4 years, ever since being diagnosed type 1 bipolar, but have always wanted to try Lithium. Maybe because of the Nirvana song? No, I just am under the impression that Lithium would help with the depression side of bipolar more than Lamictal. Lamictal seems to focus on preventing mania. No real complaints about it, though…it helped me get through college. :)

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  5. Lamictal is the greatest thing ever! Best of luck to you. A bit of advice: if you’re taking it twice a day try as hard as you can to take it literally every 12 hours. I can tell if I’ve gone an extra hour or so without taking it. Again, good luck!


  6. I have Bipolar l, I was on Lamictal for 5 years without Lithium. It made go into a hypomanic phase for all five years that I was on it, until finally I went into full blown mania and had to be hospitalized. Don’t mean to rain on your parade… but… Lamictal works very well for Bipolar ll, not so well for Bipolar I. It can work well for Bipolar I in conjunction with Lithium. Best of luck.

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  7. Lamotrigine has been my buddy for many years, and I was very stable. I, too, have begun to cycle again inexplicably but it seems to be winding down so all and all it’s been a positive experience. :-)

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