You guys … thanks for the comments and compassion on my previous post. I can’t think of a good enough word to use to tell you how touched I am.

Right now I’ve got that post meltdown calm going on, you know how it goes.

The nausea has finally calmed its jumpy ass the fuck down.

Thanks again, I really mean it. You guys were so nice you made me all weepy.



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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

8 thoughts on “BipolArmy”

  1. You are always there for us and everyone it seems. Never met it seems a kinder person. Love you true Grumpy Wingman…glad you are calm…look for the mist, hey, pretend it is me… : ) xoxo -alex

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  2. Yeah, I know the post-meltdown endorphines. You deserve the calm, just soak it in. And I’m radiating my best well-wishing thoughts *hug*


  3. Glad to hear the nausea calmed down and my heart goes out to you about the meltdown; I’m so sorry – hope each day you feel better and better. ((hugs))


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