Vomiting is pure bloody misery, isn’t it?

I got a headache last night, so I drank orange juice and went to bed. Then I started to feel like I had rls right through my body and I started to wonder whether it was all psychosomatic. Then I had to run for the toilet.

Puking up fresh orange juice smells pleasant, by the way, but it does put you off.

I presume it’s the lithium, because it happened a few weeks ago too. Anyway, I’ve mailed my psychiatrist.


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19 thoughts on “Meh”

  1. What about peanut butter instead of marmite? With marmite you either love it or hate it, and I presume its the same with peanut butter, but I’m a nuttie all the way!

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  2. So sorry to hear this! My daughter threw up on my husband and our puppy from her top bunk of the bed a couple days ago. Yours truly got to observe the scenario, and clean up the mess….unfortunately she did not puke o.j.! Take care & I hope you get some helpful answers from your pdoc and feel better very soon!!!!!

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  3. Oh man, doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Still, I always maintain that it’s best to vomit promptly than suffer a stomachache for a long time. Many hugs!

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  4. Orange juice and vomiting is a horrid combination. But yes, I agree it is probably the Lithium. I know a lot of people go through it as a side effect, but I refused to and that’s why I switched. So many other medications out there. I WILL find something that helps that doesn’t make me toss my cookies. Hopefully your psychiatrist will respond with something helpful.

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