Rare genetic disease protects against bipolar disorder



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7 thoughts on “Rare genetic disease protects against bipolar disorder”

  1. In doing studies with Amish people in Pennsylvania, they noticed that a rare form of dwarfism caused by a mutation in a gene called Sonic Hedgehog (named by nerds who work on drosophila genetics, as they discovered this gene) is NEVER comorbid with bipolar disorder. Sonic Hedgehog is a gene involved in embryogenesis! So a mutation in it can affect many pathways. But since people who have this form of dwarfism NEVER have bipolar d/o, it is thought that Sonic Hedgehog may be protective against bipolar d/o. Now to find out what does the Sonic Hedgehog gene do that is protective. Might take a while… But a very interesting article. And hopefully helpful to us sooner than later.

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