Imprisoned by Insanity

Imprisoned by Insanity (RT Documentary):

It’s a 26 minute look at a criminal/psychiatric institution in St Petersburg, Russia. They focus on a few inmates and also the art therapy programme. I’d love to hear your thoughts/comparisons if possible.


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7 thoughts on “Imprisoned by Insanity”

  1. Excellent documentary. Honestly, I expected the conditions to be far worse. Though the physical surroundings were depressing, the perspective of the treatment providers and the patients were fairly compassionate. These men had done horrible crimes, but were being treated as humans living with mental illnesses that require treatment. The female psychiatrist pointed out that while incarcerated the patients receive medication and that once released they would not continue treatment voluntarily. That is the double edge of freedom. When we have freedom, we are free to choose to not take care of our illness, to not take medication. For those of us whose untreated mental illness leads to criminal acts, even heinous acts, how do we protect ourselves and society?


  2. I also thought the film was interesting. Here in Canada psychiatric institutions are being closed or stay is limited. Prisoners with serious psychiatric needs have special requirements. I remember advocating for a client with a serious brain injury and an extensive history of addiction and personality disorders. He had exhausted every type of community program and was not only unpredictable, he was at risk himself. I remember how happy he was in forensic lockdown where there was structure and activities. He was found NCR (not criminally responsible) and sent to a psych institution but I would be surprised if he was there more than three years. For some people, institutional solutions are best – he did not understand why his behaviours were wrong.


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