Death by Bipolar

A few examples from the first few pages of google news, using the search term bipolar death:

Beverly Ann Griffin said her 39-year-old son, Bradley Ballard, was denied medication, ignored and neglected by jail guards and medical staff.

Residents said Mr Crane had been seen lighting barbecues on his balcony due to his lack of electricity and gas and he had been warned by the authorities in the past.

Ten years later, Coleman is set to be executed in Texas for her role in the boy’s death.

On the morning she died, Diana Showman called 911 and reportedly told emergency dispatchers she had an Uzi and was going to shoot her family. But nobody else was home.

Then, as a stunned crowd looked on, he began reaching for his pistol and uttered his final words: ‘Just kill me.’

By the looks of it, Shane Schumerth‘s siblings suspected that he might be bipolar.


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5 thoughts on “Death by Bipolar”

  1. There is an urgent need for police forces to develop a greater sensitivity when responding to a situation involving an obviously mentally disturbed person. The situation is always magnified when racial profiling comes into play. However, as much as they claim to be acting to protect the public, the first priority of the police is to protect themselves.

    Even better, more access to mental health support in advance would go a long way…

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