6 Types of Loneliness

1. Interpersonal loneliness: This is the result of losing a significant, or intimate, relationship.
2. Social loneliness: This is where a person is on the fringes of a group, excluded from a group, or is actively rejected.
3. Cultural loneliness: This is where a person belongs to a different culture and feels that they don’t fit, or belong, in the new culture.
4. Intellectual loneliness: This is where a person feels intellectually, or educationally, out of synch with their peers, their family or their social group.
5. Psychological loneliness: This is where a person has experienced a trauma that separates them out from others around them. That is, it’s something other people can’t fully understand.
6. Existential or cosmic loneliness: This is an isolating loneliness experienced by a person who is facing death.

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6 thoughts on “6 Types of Loneliness”

  1. Sign me up for 2,4 and 5 with a little 6 from time to time. Oh, this isn’t a menu?

    Sorry I am having a rough time and weirdly I can’t tell if the symptoms are all anxiety and depression or if some of it is actually some Vietnamese take out from the other night. Kind of pathetic when you can’t tell.


    1. Perfectly natural, I think. A while back, I thought I should maybe do a quiz to check for depression – and I’ve been in and out of it all my life. I think it just gets hard to tell what’s what. And depression is new for you. Hugs bro. Fecking bipolar………….

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