Solitary Confinement for Mentally Ill in USA Prisons

The image is of an isolation cell.

Day or night, the lights inside cell 135C of central New Mexico’s Valencia County Detention Center were always on.

“At many jails and prisons around the country, solitary confinement has become kind of the default placement for the mentally ill,” says Dr. James Gilligan.

It’s awful to see evidence of a Western developed society being barbaric, isn’t it? Sad too, since that’s the society that we in the third world are aspiring to.

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10 thoughts on “Solitary Confinement for Mentally Ill in USA Prisons”

  1. This is so sad but happens all over the country. If only people who need treatment would receive it. I’d like to reblog this but want your permission.


  2. My brother has schizophrenia and is serving some serious prison time. Recently, he was in confinement and on some unknown drug for over a month – alone and vacillating between hallucinations and sleep, not knowing where he was or even his name at times. That sounds like hell to me. Absolute hell. I don’t know how this kind of treatment can be considered acceptable.


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