Lithium round four

Aaand the results from yesterday’s blood tests are in …

Your lithium needs a definite increase! Level only 0.26. No wonder you are not sleeping. Can you go up again by 250mg? Excellent kidneys!

Why yes, yes I can. So that’ll be 1000mg. Clearly my kidneys are performing nicely – it’s good to know something is.



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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

11 thoughts on “Lithium round four”

  1. When I was on lithium I lived in fear of lithium toxicity. If I went for a walk without a water bottle I was sure I would collapse on the path and not be found for hours…. When my levels were eventually done after I finally found a psychiatrist they were far too low!


  2. I hate my lithium. Every time I take it I get such an upset stomach and stay in the bathroom. The days I conveniently take my other meds and not lithium, I’m fine. I hate that stupid medicine. Hate the stupid blood work. Hate it c


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