Cheap, Cruel Comedy

This is from 2008. Yet another idiotic assumption that disregards the fact that increased diagnoses just might have something to do with increased awareness, as well as … facts.

By the way – bipolar? Bullshit. Every single woman I have ever known has been bipolar for SOME part of her life – one week here, nine months there, ever since her mother stopped calling – something. When I was a kid, bipolar meant either the twin axis ends of the earth or maybe a bear who swung both ways. Now it’s an excuse for every other girl whose hormones are conducting a human body remake of Raging Bull.

They didn’t have bipolar when I was growing up. If they did – my mom would’ve been called TRIpolar. She could smack one kid with a wooden spoon, ask a second kid if she was retarded and give a third kid a sweet little kiss on the head – all within four and a half seconds. And ya know what? Each one of us almost always deserved what we had coming.

Denis Leary – Why We Suck

Denis Leary gets crapped on by a firefighter with an autistic son.


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18 thoughts on “Cheap, Cruel Comedy”

  1. Thanks for sharing this…I think this is where I reply sorry if it isn’t, but what a hmmm don’t know what you allow on your site…so sad but I will go with fucking idiot you and your blog. -Darkness

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    1. Heyyy Darkness, we haven’t spoken before, right? I swear as much or possibly more than Alex does ;) and yeah … I always liked Leary, especially his pro smoking stuff lol. And I generally appreciate comics who take the piss out of society. I couldn’t find any reactions to the bipolar quote online, but I thought that the link I included, the firefighter’s response to his ill thought out and casually cruel comments about autism, was spot on and applies to bipolar as well. Bah. Thanks for the visit.

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      1. yeah, I usually like the quotes I see…and nope never been out on here..trying to find my way around. I hated both the things he said..good job linking…hahahaha you cuss more than Alex..I now know I have no boundaries…bwahahaha

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        1. Lol tis all good and I’m glad to meet you, I’ve heard such good things about you. And yeah, Mr Leary was a fool. I gave up reading the book after that.


  2. You know my friend, with each passing day, I truly realize the west (USA esp) is no better than us (Africa) any one bit in as far as mental health shame and stigma is concerned. I say this for two reasons:
    They find it so hard to accept any mental illness until sometimes too late and then they dash for meds, meds, meds;
    They are so ignorant that they all too often treat those sick as criminals
    And now, wonder why people are still so ashamed to seek for help earlier than later? Why suicide only keeps escalating at a geometric progression? It really sucks out there and morons like that crap, make think all of them indeed have some mental issues.

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    1. Yes! Exactly! I am grateful for the meds personally, I firmly believe that they are essential for bipolar. But yes. And that stuff about negative/violent psychosis occurring primarily in the developed west makes me very, very glad to be in Africa. Also … I had a truly shitty time with the NHS in the UK. I’ve tried hard to live in the west (often too) but I cope far better here.

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      1. You know, I think meds are vital at some point, helas many a point especially when the chemical imbalances sure can’t be balanced by therapy/alternative treatment alone. But, I think out there, the environment is worse. In Africa, they are also lost for they don’t even know and are so scared and quickly hide behind religion/tradition-voodoo etc. In the west where I thought they should know better, dare I say am disappointed?


  3. This is certainly not humour to cheer up someone who has been surfing the lows all day. Stigma is widespread, even in places that are supposed to support people with disabilities and mental health concerns. The only people who should have license to joke about bipolar disorder are those who own the condition themselves.

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  4. Awwww man, that sucks!! I really liked Dennis Leary and I usually think he’s hilarious even when he’s crossing the line because he will make fun of himself just as easily, but this is disappointing to say the least.


  5. The way I see it is, if, as he says, everyone claims to have bipolar, all he’s managed to achieve is to piss off, and marginalize, a whole heap of his audience, and reveal a whole heap of his ignorance. He’s the loser in the end, literally AND figuratively


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