Ohhhkay, so I read a BBC article – Missy Douglas: Visualising bipolar disorder through art. A painting a day for a year, of her emotions. I thought yeah ok, valid project, decent hook, but um, well, meh. What is more interesting than splodgy abstract expressionismy thingies, is that she did it all unmedicated.

My opinion is irrelevant to you, art’s subjective (what isn’t?) and frankly I’m more interested in the mechanics and the buzz than the paintings. I headed over to her website to check it out further: 2:365 The article on the Bipolar Burble blog is definitely worth a read. I wish there was more about the meds though. Did she, like Juliann Garey, do it under medical supervision, for example?

I had a look at her portfolio too, and went eh, meh, hmmm, yuk down the various styles. Anyroad up, all good stuff in the name of awareness and fighting stigma. I hope loads of people do like (and buy) her work, I really do. Um. Except the babies. Those are always disturbing and there’s too much of that art around already.

Two of my favourite artists appear on the list below.

Kay Redfield Jamison’s list of bipolar artists:

    H = Asylum or psychiatric hospital
    S = Suicide
    SA = Suicide attempt

Ralph Barton (S)
Francesco Bassano (S)
Ralph Blakelock (H)
Francesco Borromini (S)
John Sell Cotman
Richard Dadd (H)
Edward Dayes (S)
Thomas Eakins
Paul Gauguin (SA)
Theodore Gericault
Hugo van der Goes
Vincent van Gogh (H, S)
Arshile Gorky (S)
Philip Guston (H)
Benjamin Haydon (S)
Carl Hill (H)
Ernst Josephson (H)
George Innes (SA)
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (H, S)
Edwin Landseer (H)
Edward Lear
Wilhelm Lehmbruck (S)
John Martin
Charles Meryon (H)
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Adolphe Monticelli
Edvard Munch (H)
Jules Pascin (S)
Georgia O’Keeffe (H)
Raphaelle Peal (H)
Jackson Pollock (H)
George Romney
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (SA)
Mark Rothko (S)
Nicolas de Stael (S)
Pietro Testa (S)
Henry Tilson (S)
George Frederic Watts
Sir David Wilkie
Anders Zorn


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6 thoughts on “BipolART”

  1. I agree, yes, art is definitely subjective yet I liked most of her paintings. I could definitely relate to some of them when I read how she felt when she created them.

    Some of them were meh, yeah. But I definitely liked the hook. And now my recently had-to-be-unmedicated-because-of-the-dreaded-lamictal-rash has pushed me into a dark place. I sort of hate her for having such a good hook.

    Damn her. And damn killer rashes too.

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