A candle for Rhonda

Your posts have convinced me to stay alive instead of giving up. Thank you so very much.

That is a comment on the My Bright Shining Star blog, a blog belonging to a grieving mother. Her daughter, who was a med student and bipolar, committed suicide. And less than a year later, so did she. She did an enormous amount of work to raise awareness and she touched a whole lot of lives.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the grief that family must be going through now.

(Thanks for posting about it, Aimee.)


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15 thoughts on “A candle for Rhonda”

        1. I got that line from either Gandalf or Aragorn in LOTR. I’m a nerd and would believe anything either of them said (hihih I do know they’re fictional ofc). But I know that feel, o peaceful canoe … I try to tell myself, when things are hopeless, that there’s a 50/50 chance of things turning good or bad … but I don’t listen to myself when things are dire. I think there really is always hope though. Light a candle with me.

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          1. I <3 LOTR and HP (but not Twilight!!!)

            I am also a huge Anne of Green Gables fan (something carried over from childhood that I won't let go of) and the teacher, Miss Stacey says "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it, yet." – which made Anne feel great – but Anne has a lot of zinger lines "I feel as though you have tasted the bitterness of death." "My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes and dreams." "Plum puffs can't minister to a mind diseased in a world that's crumbling into pieces." …. I look to Anne and I look to Dolly (they are my patron saints of get shit done and it's okay to cry and wail about it – turn it into art!)

            But suicide is a whole other ballgame. My colleague who was a pastor, who I worked with at a church, lost his battle with depression in 2010. It wasn't my first encounter with a friend with suicide… and it won't be my last I'm sure. I don't even know this lady but it is heartbreaking to say the least. And so whenever I see someone who has lost the battle – I look around for the hope.

            The last thing that comes out of Pandora's box is hope… so I look for hope. Because if there's not hope – it means more shit's coming… and to keep waiting for hope I guess. But that story is greek mythology… but I think there's truth in that sometimes you have to wait it out for the hope.

            I just wish I could see it.


            1. You have great taste :) I loved anne of gg as a kid, I should reread it.

              I didn’t know Rhonda Elkin further than following blogs and some online conversation, but I felt the need to join others in paying my respects to her.

              Like Gandalf said, there is always hope ;)

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