2 Bipolar Webcomics

Look Straight Ahead by Elaine M. Will
Jeremy Knowles, a Canadian teenager stars in this one. Hard to read on a smartphone. She also illustrated Dustship Glory, about Tom Sukanen, who built a ship on the prairie and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. (Read more here.)

Jezebel and the Bipolar Dragon by Nathan & Rosemary Scheck
This one is worth a mention, because it’s so freaking enchanting … unfortunately (and here we have a textbook bipolar stereotype) it is unfinished. Meh.

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2 thoughts on “2 Bipolar Webcomics”

  1. The Sukanen ship has been fully restored and is located about 15 miles south of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan at the Sukanen pioneer village, you can board the ship and see all of Tom’s inventions as well as follow the map and route he had planned to get his ship from the prairies to Finland… the irony here is, his plan was not so crazy, it would have worked, the ship was built to voyage the river system that would have led him to the sea, ultimately he would have used the North West passage to get him back to his beloved homeland.

    I know all this because I have visited the ship many times and have studied his route, I live about an hour and a half from where the ship sits.


    1. Poor guy … thanks tons for that comment. I read some stuff about him and the fact that it wasn’t an insane idea and felt really sad. The things I read made a fuss of the fact that ‘his dream didn’t die’ and I thought yeah … but he did, and not in good circumstances. Thanks again.


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