lithium yum yum

Another in the series of posts that only interest me. I just heard from my lovely psychiatrist about my first blood tests:

Can you increase the lithium to 750mg? Your kidneys are working very well and helping your meds out of your system very quickly! Your level is only 0.18.

Your potassium is also on the high side. Could you reduce all potassium rich foods such as bananas and we will repeat it with your next lithium level?

The answers to those two questions are yes and oh fuckit yes alright then. Bananas are not even the top potassium food. Stuff like yoghurt, citrus, potatoes, fish, tomatoes, avocados … zomg. Oh well. I’m actually not surprised my potassium levels are high.

I really am working my way through the periodic table. Take lithium, magnesium and zinc; reduce potassium. And iron for the RLS too.

Zzzzzzzz …


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15 thoughts on “lithium yum yum”

  1. Wow 0.18. I’m impressed. Good luck with 750mg – can you even get that at a pharmacy? My prescription for 700mg was rejected because the minimum unit was 200mg (…and fate ensured the damn pill couldn’t be cut in half as it was slow release).

    And thanks to you I’ve learned something new today; I had no idea potassium was present in significant quantities in those foods. I just knew of bananas. Looks like healthcare is providing a free series of biochem lessons

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    1. Hi thanks – why are you impressed? I have 500mg tabs, not slow release, so I will halve some.

      And lol yes, I’m learning so many new things in all kinds of surprising ways.

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      1. Oh right, guess you have a different brand of lithium. Always confuses me. I’m impressed because even on my starter dose of 400mg my level was no lower than 0.4, if I remember correctly. Maybe impressed is the wrong word, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of someone with a low level on that dose.

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      2. Just a joke pal, but does she want you to become the Lithium Queen? B-)

        On the other hand, what do l know? Am only concerned of the side effects of those powerful meds and l see that even if there are signs of good functioning of all vital organs now, what about say 5yrs from now?

        those drugs are for life right?

        Well, whatever, just some ‘foolish’ musing of mine l plead. :-(


        1. Hahaha :) and they’re good questions. The meds I’m on now will very likely be tweaked and/or changed in future. Bipolar is a recurring disorder and not curable, so one aims at a good period of remission. With lithium, the window between therapeutic and toxic levels is a narrow one and that’s why there are regular blood tests – so that any potential damage can be caught early.

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  2. This is great news. I’m not allowed on Lithium because of other health problems which they may actually sort out one day! I know several people who take it and feel like their lives have turned around. Good luck with the increased dose!

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  3. Blerg!!! Lithium is the ONLY drug that worked for my brain – but it made my platelet levels SCARY high – I tried the ole “donate your platelets” to the blood bank to try to get rid of some – to see if that would work, and the blood bank was like Damn Girl – we almost can’t take your blood because you are hovering on the verge of something gnarly – and I was like I know!!! That’s why I’m giving them to you guys – I have too many. Then they took me off Lithium and it’s been hell ever since. Mother effers. I’ve tried every family of drugs. Every. And they either almost kill me or have no affect whatsoever – so I’m on a lot of vitamins and L-Methylfolate because I found out my body has a genetic disorder that won’t process folic acid (super necessary for your neurotransmitters) No wonder I’m blahpolar!!

    Love your blog!

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  4. I’ve been on lithium for 5 years. 1250mg with a blood level of 0.6 – 0.7.
    The only issues I have are a trashed thyroid (hypothyroid, which runs in my family so it’s not surprising) and tremors. I take meds for both. Walking pharmacy! LOL
    Seriously, though, lithium has been amazing with my highs. Not so much the lows, which is why I take lamotrigine. What am I up to…..right, 4. I take pain meds, too. LOL

    Good luck mate. Hope you can balance everything out. :)


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