the strange loner the lone stranger

If you’re an introvert, welcome to the club. There aren’t any meetings because we prefer to work alone … 13 Rules For Being Alone

Some of my best friends are introverts. I’m an introvert. Absolutely nothing against extroverts, but the introverts are easier for me to be with. They just get it. They’re not offended by a simple no thanks in response to an invitation, they’re comfortable with silences and they can relate to that point one reaches when enough is too much.

I fucking love introverts. I love being one too. It’d be great if society caught up to the fact that it’s a perfectly acceptable, productive and enjoyable way to be.

It’s important. I can’t be arsed writing an essay about it and it shouldn’t even be necessary.


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10 thoughts on “the strange loner the lone stranger”

  1. I have always been a weird mix, on an individual level, one to one, I have a lot of trouble letting people in but I can speak to large groups without a problem, even if I am winging it. I think large groups are anonymous, one to one you’re vulnerable.


  2. I love my solitude. I much prefer a small group of friends. Although, that said, if I’m manic I’m totally out there. :)


  3. Hey pal,

    My my blahpedia. I took that test while in the loo (yeah l know l posted about trying to stay away from there-but l have to shower for work right?), and guess, l scored 75%.
    Thanks and heh my post about you l suppose:-) is up over at my stall B-)


  4. Hello. My name is Pieces and I’m an introvert. Unapologetically. I find all the rah rah blah blah of extroverts exhausting. I have one friend, we can hang out the whole day with only “I’m making coffee, do you want some?” being the only conversation. I LOVE it


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