the world health org is insane

Although being gay or lesbian is no longer classified as a disorder—references to homosexuality as a mental illness were removed from the WHO directory in 1990—in its place emerged new categories of “gay-related” diseases. For example, if a homosexual teenager is confused about his sexual identity, he could be classified as mentally ill under current WHO guidelines, Cochran said. Or if a married man wakes up one day and realizes he’s gay and wants to leave his wife, he could be diagnosed with having sexual relationship disorder.
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13 thoughts on “the world health org is insane”

  1. Without even reading all of your post, I am appalled to even know that bgt (or whatever it is they label it) was even once classified as a disorder. Men, something is real damn wrong with the better part of humanity. No doubt Einstein once advocated for loners – I think he was ‘disordered’ too?


    1. They don’t technically classify gay as a disorder, but they still have some disorders listed that can be used/interpreted that way. The american psych assoc took homosexuality out of the disorders list in 1973.

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      1. Hopefully one day people will develop the ability to get over themselves and see everyone, no matter who they love, or are attracted to as just human beings x

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