princess leia, patron saint of manic depression

She felt as though she had been dropped into the centre of her personality years ago and had been trying to crawl to the edge of it ever since. (The Best Awful)

Carrie Fisher is cool. She was Leia in Star Wars and she tweets may the fourth be with you on the right day every year and she rattles off soundbytes beautifully. She used to have an astonishingly honest blog, that was where I first read about her ECT experiences. Good writing there too.

I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to BE art.
quotes @ goodread


I read Postcards from the Edge a million years ago and didn’t love the plot, but I did love the writing. I can’t remember what I thought of Delusions of Grandma. Postcards’ protagonist Suzanne Vale reappears in The Best Awful and then you get to the actual Carrie F. Fisher memoirs, Wishful Drinking and Shockaholic and, well, they’re all the same.

Carrie Fisher bingo would be even easier to win than the Murakami version. You’re guaranteed repeats of entire anecdotes (with fresh one liners) and her last three books are pretty interchangeable.

Things I don’t need to hear about again:

Debbie Reynolds/Eddie Fisher, being Leia then and now, waking up to a gay corpse, being left (by a gay non corpse) for a man, weight jokes, drug jokes, bipolar jokes …

You get the idea. The jokes and puns are truly great, it’s just that they keep swimming round and round on the surface of the same old fishbowl. I didn’t need to read those three books, I could’ve picked one and browsed quotes online.


Better me than you. isn’t that an awesome thing to say? And a glimpse of depth.

She is still cool. She will always be cool. I imagine she’s awesome to see live, the standup shows must be fabulous. I’m glad she’s open about her stuff, including ECT.

I don’t know enough about ECT and its associated memory damage to speculate about it and her ever recurring themes and the lack of depth in her writing. I’m glad she’s out there yelling regardless – but I ain’t reading another of her books unless I’m guaranteed it’s free of reruns.

(I’m sorry, Carrie Fisher.)

Can’t wait to see her in the new Star Wars movie though!

Moar: Carrie Fisher on Robin Williams ‘he opened up to me about bipolar.’


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9 thoughts on “princess leia, patron saint of manic depression”

  1. She’s done two guest appearances on ‘The Last Leg’ in the past month or so, which are definitely worth checking out. Plus, you get to see her cute service dog love up a Putin scratching post, ha ha. Really though, I think she might be my spirit animal. :D

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  2. Great post. It is so inspirational that Carrie Fisher opens up about her manic depression and is honest about her mental health. Carrie Fisher truly is a patron saint.

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