gordon likes to think he is the most underrated of all mythical heroes

Gordon is charming because he cares. He listens intently to others because every individual is a unique universe of thoughts, emotions and experiences. Gordon befriended the overweight man who lives with his ailing mother, and who has never had a girlfriend, because Gordon sees the beauty in banal situations and the misfits who live through them. He is drawn to what most would deem neither valiant enough to be considered heroic, nor sad enough to be considered tragic, because to him everything contains both of these qualities at all times. For this reason, he danced with the mature woman who was insecure about her crooked nose at the nightclub in Toronto. She would have spent the entire night standing by the wall if he hadn’t approached her, and because he did, he believed the cosmos was altered. A close friend of Gordon’s once said, “all women fall in love with Gordon for 30 minutes.”
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5 thoughts on “gordon likes to think he is the most underrated of all mythical heroes”

  1. So worth the read. Good article! Thinking about that and the Scottish comic piece you posted… do you think LSD can induce schizophrenia? Those are not the only 2 people that I have heard to assert the connection.


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