I learned a new word today!

I feel affirmed, validated and thoroughly ego-stroked o/

Thanks maria.


Actually I suppose it’s fairer to say I learned a new phrase, though the first word in the phrase I already knew, the second was completely new to me.

A bit about me that I may not have already shared: I am NUTS about vocabulary. I absolutely love knowing what words mean. Even if they are ridiculously archaic words that I will never get to drag out in writing or conversation. I just love knowing words and meanings and whenever I spy a shiny new word (or phrase), I snatch it up like a mythical crow and drag it back to the nest in my head. (I say mythical crow because when I was checking what I thought to be true about crows I came across http://coyot.es/thecorvidblog/2013/10/29/crows-and-shiny-objects/ this guy who seemed to know a whole bunch more about crows than I can ever claim to.)

Maybe I should say I’m…

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