lithium skin

There is a … thing that is growing on my face, to the right of my mouth. Air traffic has already been diverted; for it is an acne volcano. It’s so massive that the rest of my face has tightened to botox-surprise levels. My eyebrows shot up past my hairline and I can’t close my eyes anymore.*

I’m not even currently having a psychotic episode, but I am still doing my best to save France.**


My pleasure, France – just post me Charlotte Gainsbourg and we’ll call it quits.

You know what they say about volcanoes. If you like it …


put a ring in it.***

Ok that was gratuitous. My psychiatrist emailed and said probiotics, magnesium and zinc to counteract the lithium itch and acne. I’m clearly working my way through the periodic table.

In the meantime …


Aw please?


C’mon just lemme …


I’m a total ape, I won’t bug the giant lithium volcano of acne doom, but zomg I want to. I’m like an overtired toddler today. N e e d   s l e e e e e p!


* slight possibility of hyperbole.
** if you don’t get this reference, it’s possible you’re on the wrong blog.
*** ditto.


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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

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