once upon a time

a girl said, I love the very bones of you.


she didn’t really, but it was a lovely thing to say.

(photo by me)

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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

6 thoughts on “once upon a time”

  1. This is so beautiful, and it reminds me of a really beautiful Italian songwriter’s song, maria’s dream: http://lyricstranslate.com/it/il-sogno-di-maria-marias-dream.html. The song is very slow and poetic. He was an atheist so there was nothing religious in the album, all dedicated to Mary and Jesus and things like that. If anything a rebellion. But that phrase:
    We drifted down where the day fades
    to look for itself among all the green
    and he spoke and it sounded like a prayer
    and at the end of each prayer
    he counted a vertebra down my back.

    Is really something. The lyrics are quite intense, may be oddly triggering for some. But that’s what this image brought back to me. What skeleton is it by the way?

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    1. Ty William and those words are truly lovely. Those are eland bones at the San Art Centre (makes a change, most of the bones I photograph live on my stoep). The eland is sacred to the Khoi San – and in a completely different way, to me too. I have two inked into my skin. I can’t remember who said those words to me btw. Words often matter more than lovers; it’s probably why I’m single. *grin*

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      1. I just had this image of you in a ferocious fight with a lover who is yelling at you trying very hard to find he right words to make her point across and you stop her and say “hang on hang on let me jot that down… there, done, please continue”.

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