Lithium day 5 (I think)

Lithium is not an easy drug to use. It has to be built up in the bloodstream over time. It is not always possible to build up lithium levels fast enough to prevent a manic episode. About 50% of people who take lithium develop intense thirst, which dilutes the bloodstream and lowers the effective concentration of the lithium, making it less likely to work. Up to 50% develop dry mouth, which can cause problems ranging from bad breath to tooth decay. Many people who take lithium develop hand tremors, involuntary batting of the eyelashes, memory lapses, confusion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, overreactive reflexes, and vertigo, all of which become less common over time.

That amused the hell out of me (sorry), but I was actually looking for info about something I didn’t experience as a teenager.

The complication that becomes more common over time, however, is acne.

Thanks Lithium; sleeplessness plus thirst plus nausea plus itch plus acne? You spoil me. *adds probiotics to shopping list*

Tired … veeery fucking tired.

lithium acne


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10 thoughts on “Lithium day 5 (I think)”

  1. Acne was my biggest concern with lithium, but now I’m at least two or three months in and I seem to have been lucky on that front. Hope you get some rest x


      1. No, I’m always nervous that putting more stuff in/on my body is just increasing the risk, so I left it. But even pre-lithium I never really had acne. One of my friends who’s taking lithium though has developed quite bad acne with time. I know it was really annoying him :(


  2. not forgetting to take it easy and feeling a little like other people is ok too. I get psoriasis when i keep taking it..I stop it the psoriasis goes away but I get all z-ed.


      1. i got something worse than acne a couple years back im gonna try spell it like i see it exfoliative dermititis….where all the skin falls off. Skin failure basically. I was put on cyclosporin and just recently stopped taking it. As it was fucking up my liver and most organs. So i am browner in the sun now.


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