lithium itch

Trigger warning: gratuitous ITCHING.

Crazy things happen when you remember to take your meds too.

Sweet martyred and mortared mother of blog, I have spent the entire day itching like that time I was working as a dish washer in Scotland and developed chickenpox. My armpits itch, even the inside of my nose itches.

It’s really, really itchy.

I checked online and after a few of those STOP NAO AND CALL TEH DOCTOR YESTERDAY DIE DIE DIE type thingies, I returned to my senses and checked on PubMed. It gave me a long list of impenetrable names of skin/lithium issues and signed off by saying rarely need to cease medication.

So I emailed my poor (har), patient (harhar) psychiatrist and went for another shower. This is me now:


So itchy.

My ear canals! They itch! I know, I know … I still have more ears than Vincent.


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6 thoughts on “lithium itch”

    1. I can’t, even if I had some, it’d need to go up my nose, down my ears and especially in my right armpit.

      Also … wtf? You commented!!!


  1. Love the image at the top. I wish that came on a tee shirt, I’d so buy it if it did. That sucks about the itching. I’ve had itching as a side effect before. With me any itching, no matter what the source, is promptly made worse by my complete lack of self restraint from scratching. So then I have the problem that made me itch in the first place plus whatever additional damage I’ve caused by compulsive scratching. I hope that the itching is resolved for you very soon, it’s a sucky uncomfortable feeling.


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