simply depressed – a tina turner parody in need of a singer

I can’t believe nobody did this yet. It made me lol. Airpunch when you sing the chorus please. *dunn dunn DUNNN DUNNN*

I don’t call you, I dont need you, my heart’s a liar

You come to me, come to me you quagmire

When you come to me take away everything I need

Give me a lifetime of anguish and kill all my dreams

Speak the language of drugs like you know what it means

And I’m always wrong, take my heart and make it gone, baby

I’m simply depressed, sadder than all the rest

Sadder than anyone, anyone you’ve ever met

I’m stuck in my heart, I hang on every word it says

It tears me apart, baby, I would rather be dead

In my heart I see the pain of every night and every day

In the dark I get lost, I get washed away

Just as long as I’m here in your arms,

I could be in no sadder place

I’m simply depressed, bleaker than all the rest

Bleaker than anyone, anyone you’ve ever met

I’m stuck up my ass and hang on every word I say

It tears up my heart, baby, I would rather be dead

Each time you find me I start losing control

I hide in my bed with my heart and my soul

I can feel you even when I’m alone, oh baby, please let go


Copywrong blahpolar, 2014

 image I’m (not very) sorry, Tina Turner.


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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

18 thoughts on “simply depressed – a tina turner parody in need of a singer”

  1. Too funny!!!!!!!! My best friend in high school was gay. He wasn’t out yet, but everyone told me he was gay but I didn’t see it – I was so dumb!

    ANYWAY, he had 10-FOOT TALL POSTER OF TINA ON HIS WALL – I kid you not. His room had a very high ceiling!

    As for singing this song – it’s a brilliant idea. I wish I had the voice for it as I’d belt it out and do the air punches in a heartbeat. Despite my massive vocal limitations, maybe I’ll surprise you….heh heh heh

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  2. last p.s. I swear – I haven’t had a chance to read your latest post yet about hypomania, but I wondered if it could be a seasonal thang? You wrote this Tina post in late August and you sound pretty darn peppy – and here we are, August yet again. Sorry if this is premature and/or offbase – gotta read your blogeroooooo

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    1. Oooh good observation, I’m gonna make a note on my mood planner just as soon as I stop dismissing its notifications irritably. Thanks a ton for that comment. Right now I think I’m plunging into a mixed state – mine are usually hypo then agitation and then it gets muddled and then I return to my default depression… Meh. I’m not doing great right now, but at least the daylight hours today weren’t good.

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      1. You are so welcome! Thinking of you and I’m sorry to have lagged so much with reading/commenting over at Blahland…..ever since we returned from Lake Tahoe/Alpine Meadows I’ve been OUT of it. Also very tired in the afternoons. Weird mystery pains that are freaking me out. Nightmares. Yuck!!! Fuck!!!!! (Hey, I’m a Poet but I didn’t know it!) Anyway, sorry to be self-absorbed as usual. I am hoping that your pattern will be different this time and that you DO NOT return to default depression but go somewhere else that’s….gasp….good!


        1. Crashed fast and furious into a mixed episode, I wish I didn’t cycle so fucking rapidly. I was jittery and clumsy and angry and now I’ve just finished a good strong weep. Anxiety meds aren’t touching sides. Fuck bipolar.

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          1. Bipolar is the seventh layer of Satan’s Rectum or something like that!! Bipolar SUCKS shit in all kinds of ways. It especially sucks when the anxiety meds fail to kick in.


  3. (Fan)fuckingtastic!!!!
    or should that be fan(fucking)tastic!!!
    Take your pick – either way – its just brilliant….. once again!!

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