lithium day 3

Yawwwwwn. Fell asleep after midnight, woke at 02h30, slept, woke at 05h00 … I’m calling it an improvement, blaming the seroquel cessation and today I shall not nap. Rawr.

Am I tasting salt or just imagining it? I’m going to buy a lake to drink today. The nausea is still mild and sporadic so far. Irritable and impatient … but the wind is still intense and that could easily be why. Headaches, but not serious ones.

I’m crashing a little, I think. Brain zaps too. Now to keep it level enough to get through a few hours being sociable this evening.

Don’t know whether to blame wind, meds, pms, mother grief, none of the above. Too upset by the dogs snarling at each other over food, because it’s only the second time ever. Too fragile? Precursor to meltdown? Not? Who the fuck knows.

Coped. I felt woozy all the way through. Dose 3 coming up shortly … blah blah. Jaw feels like I’ve been clenching it again, maybe that’s the cause of the headaches.

I am getting boooooored with all this noting down of the mundane, but fuckit, I want to do this thing right. I’m only doing the daily boring lithium blog till … actually I dunno.

lighter stuff:

I’m relieved I’m not the only ego in bipolarville:


Thanks again, Ellen Forney!

Wait … how the fuck would I be the only ego in a town with delusions of grandiosity listed in its statutes? Duh.


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