She says: “Do you know I’ve lost count of the number of times I wished that my daughter was dead? Scary, huh, for a mother to even think of that?”
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  1. Thanks for this link. If it is difficult for those with mental illness to get support, it is even harder for friends and families. I was working with brain injury which can really change (often permanently) a person and I would hear people say that it would be easier if their loved one had died. It was a statement filled with guilt and pain.
    As the parent of a child with a mood disorder and addiction I have been through some pretty tense moments on both sides of the equation. Things are pretty good right now but I often found it easier when he was away, even when he was on the street.


    1. Hugs, ghost … you’re a wise and tough and kind person. If I could change one thing in my whole life, it’d be to go back to my mother being alive and not dumping so goddamn much of my pain on her.

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