What were you doing when the sun came up?

This is so good, that it’s one of those omfg – why – didn’t – I – think – of – that? things. Genius.

The Song Thrush

My best friend said she was always scared she’d go mental and never even realise.  I explained a few things that I do – watching other people’s reactions, mood charts, asking myself how I would respond if other people did what I was doing.  I thought of another one.  I ask myself:

What was I doing when the sun came up?

If I can give myself a reasonable answer then I’m okay.  Reasonable answers:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Getting ready for work
  3. Getting ready for any other pre-planned event
  4. Waking up randomly, but going back to sleep
  5. You get the point

Unreasonable answers:

  1. Chasing seagulls on the beach
  2. Gardening
  3. Cleaning all your radiators with a cotton bud
  4. Buying ALL the things
  5. You get the point

So yes. A reasonable answer for this morning – I was watching the sun come up.

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2 thoughts on “What were you doing when the sun came up?”

  1. Sunrises are important. Without them us gamers wouldn’t know when to go to sleep ;)


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